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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Your promises for new DS vs. the reality … revealed!

There are officially (as of Tuesday, March 10, 2009) 25 days (not counting today and the day of the Nintendo DSi launch) left until the Nintendo DSi is officially available at Canadian and American stores… and everyone is excited!

Well… not everyone. These people think that Nintendo hasn’t listened to them. Or they might think that gaming is bad (boo you, whoever thinks that) Well, I’m here to tell you that your wrong!… both of you (yes I'm talking to you gaming haters!)

… anyways…

Nintendo has listened to you. I will now show a list of all of your requests and, if your request didn’t come out on the DSi, I will try to point out the possible reasons (or real reasons) why it didn’t make the cut.

All right here we go:

Name of request:Answer:Reasons (if yes, what are they doing?):

1. Improved speakers


One of the main features of the DSi are improved speakers.

2. The ability to look at pictures


Not only can you look at pictures but you can also take pictures with the two built-in cameras included with your DSi.

3. The ability to listen to music


Yes you can listen to music… like an iPod!… ok well not really… but it’s getting there!

4. The ability to watch videos

Ye… No :(

You can even watch videos!… ok no you can’t but you might be in the future. I guess Nintendo didn’t think about putting it there.

5. Internal memory


Yes it does. All 256 MB of it.

6. The ability to use some sort of a removable memory digital device


SD Cards. There i said it.

7. Exclusive games for the console


Besides DSiWare, there will be DSi-exclusive retail games. THANK YOU NINTENDO!!! Looks like we might see “Mario Kart DSi”… yay!

8. Bigger screens


The main feature… BIGGER SCREENS!!!… well actually it’s 0.25 in. larger than the 3 in. screens on the DS and DS lite.

9. Online right out of the box


The only thing that let’s you go online is the DSi Shop… oh well. At least we get online right out of the box!

10. The ability to have two DS slots


And good thing too… cuz the final design would have been three millimetres thicker.

11. Better web browser


And it’s finally useful, faster, and better.

12. Digital Distribution


Nintendo Zone downloads, Applications, DSiWare… it’s all there!

13. Better games


Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, Pokémon Platinum, and C.O.R.E just to name a few.

Percentage of requests approved by Nintendo: 85%

So there you have it. Nintendo have passed the “Are you listening to us, Nintendo?” test by a long margin. However, I still wish that they could let you watch videos.

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