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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nintendo DS has sold over 100,000,000 (100 million) Nintendo DSes!!!


Be happy!


Nintendo has just announced that they have succeeded into selling 100 million Nintendo DSes on March 6, 2009!!! (This includes the Nintendo DS, the Nintendo DS lite, and the Nintendo DSi).

Since in 2004, Nintendo DS was the best-selling portable gaming system of the seventh generation console line. Over 100 million DSes have been sold and it had, has, and will have games for casual, midi-core, and hardcore gamers alike.

The Nintendo DS has two screens, a touchscreen, wireless capabilities, PictoChat, and the ability to connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

The Nintendo DS lite (launched in 2006) was a revised version of the original DS. It has a slimmer design, brighter screens.

The Nintendo DSi (launched in 2008 in Japan and will be launched in April 5, 2009 for Canada, US, and Latin America) is an even revised version of the Nintendo DS lite. It has an even slimmer design, even brighter touchscreens, bigger screens, an SD Card slot, internal memory, two cameras, the ability to play music, the ability to download games and applications, the ability to have exclusive games, and advanced Wi-Fi and wireless capabilities such as using a web browser and syncing photos from your DSi to your Wii.


This is an exciting day for Nintendo and I’m excited as well!… You should be too!

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