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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Canadian price for Nintendo DSi may not be pricy after all


WARNING: This is a Canadian-only post… the rest of the world can see it… it’s just that this only concerns Canada.


I was just searching EBGames.com to see if they have “Spectobs” in stock for my brother (turns out they did) and I had just found a pre-ordering section for the DSi.

Yes, it WILL come in black and blue…

Yes, it WILL be released with America at the same time…

But no, it WILL NOT have a price tag of $199.95. Instead it will be the same price as America… $169.99! And good riddance too!

That’s the last time I’m ever trusting Wikipedia again.

Oh ya and in case your wondering why my desktop has a different taskbar… It’s Windows 7.


Don’t ask.

EDIT: Acaually it is $199.95.

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