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Friday, September 19, 2008

Intro Blog

WARNING!: This is only a introduction, not a real post! DO NOT comment on this post. ALL comments will be deleted!

Hi! If you don't know me, my name is Junior. This, of course is my first post on this blog and I hope that you enjoy your stay here. This blog is connected to my YouTube channel. It's http://ca.youtube.com/user/Juniorpond This channel will have the official Nintendo videos for DSiWare. It will also have help and support videos, DS demo reviews, gameplay, and tips and tricks on using your retro, Wii, and Nintendo DS series consoles.

Basically, in this blog, all of my posts will be on Nintendo. Some of you may say, "Why are you talking about Nintendo? You could have talked about Playstation/Xbox!", or "Nintendo sucks!", or "Nintendo is for babies." Well, you can say what YOU want, but I will still talk about Nintendo. Why?

1 - I like Nintendo. Period. No questions asked.

2 - Nintendo has almost always never let me down (except... maybe the E3 2008 Conference).

3 - I think it's great that Nintendo is focusing more on casual players. More gamers = more friends = more challenges & records to break.

4 - No matter how hard Sony and Microsoft works, Nintendo is STILL beating them in the console war - portable and console.

and 5 - Nintendo is simply... fun.

But anyway, my blogs will be about Nintendo. If this is your first time using this blog please go to the “History of Nintendo” post.

This blog will also include reviews for Nintendo DS demos that you can download from the Nintendo Channel-every Friday. I will link my reviews in my YouTube channel.

For those of you who don't know what the Nintendo Channel is, the Nintendo Channel is a free Wii channel that you can download from the Wii Shop Channel. This channel is basically an information channel. All Wii, WiiWare, Virtual Console, and Nintendo DS games that are either released or that is going to be released in your region can be viewed in the channel. Mini-documentaries, product demonstrations, trailers, and gameplay videos can be also viewed in the Nintendo Channel. Finally, the Nintendo Channel (…ok this “channel thing is getting really annoying!) has the ability to let you download Nintendo DS demos from your Wii to your Nintendo DS by using Wii-to-DS connectivity.

In my opinion, Wii and Nintendo DS are one of the best systems in the world, and I'm proud that Nintendo has made them both: With motion control, touch-screen technology, double screens, Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, WiiWare, Virtual Console, DSiWare, and games like Smash Bros., Mario, Pokémon, Zelda, Guitar Hero, Metroid, and Brain Age, life couldn't get any better then this!


Anonymous said...

Hi, My name is Roxanne. I think that this blog is pretty cool, but unfortunately I am very bad at most games including Nintendo. I remember back in the day playing Super Mario Bros. I always liked Luigi, but as I got older and the games got more sophisticated and I had to focus on more important things in my life, I lost the very minimal skills that I already had. So now I just have to watch others play. Perhaps in another lifetime.
Bye for now - Roxanne.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Awesome Job Junior!!! I am impressed!

~Miss Bagnoli

Anonymous said...

There can i download Flip Notes Studio (DSi)??? have look any there i only can see youtube clip..grrrrrr. i want to download it to my dsi and use it...plz tell me there to get it :) a link mabye :)

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