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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Super MarioJr. Blog grows!

Well everyone… it has finally happened. The Super MarioJr. Blog Tech Solutions blog is now officially launched!. You can now ask your questions and answers there.

Now, I did say that I was going to tell you who my helper would be… so I’m goina tell you… just one problem… two more people have just entered the team.

Well that’s even better now because now a lot of my burdens have gotten off my back. Yay! (By the way, Morgan was supposed to be the only one on the team but I decided to let them join in too.)

Well anyway here is the entire Super MarioJr. Blog Team!


Junior Name: Junior Riley

Gamer: Hardcore-based veteran

Favourite console: Wii

Favourite game: Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong

Position: Founder, Main Administrator




Hi. My name is Junior Riley. I am the Main Administrator and the Founder of Super MarioJr. Blog. Along side my friends: Morgan and Cad, as well as my brother, Samuel, we make up the Super MarioJr. Team.

I first started playing video games since I was around three years old. At that time I played all of the systems: NES, Game Boy, Game and Watch, N64, SNES, Game Boy Color… you name it! Then after I got my Game Boy Advance, I abandoned video games. But when I got my GameCube for Christmas, I was starting to play Nintendo again.

My first game after not using console video games for three years was Mario Party 7. Then came Super Smash Bros. Bros. Melee. Then Spyro. And then I got my Nintendo DS with Mario Kart DS. Eventually, I got a Wii. And the list goes on.

Right now my favourite console is the Wii. The reason is because the Wii attracts gamers from all ages. The Wii is also great for people who don’t have the classics consoles and want to relive the experience again. I don’t really have a favourite game. The reason is because, like most veteran gamers, we salute all games and treat them all with the same respect (but really, since Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong were the two games that I statue the most because they saved video games in the first place, those are my most favourite games.

I first started my blog when I was at a baseball game. I was at the VIP box along with a program that I participated with. I was talking to someone about the history of Nintendo and where Nintendo stands now. It took me about 20-25 minutes to complete the history of Nintendo from its birth in the late 19th century until now. They were so amazed about my knowledge for Nintendo that they told me to create a blog about Nintendo.

And, so it began. So, seven months and over 20 posts later, here I am. At first I was doing all of this alone. But now I’ve got three people to help me out: Morgan Figueiredo (Tech Support Administrator), Cad Morley (Main Executive Error Specialist-Super MarioJr. Blog), and my brother, Samuel Riley (Executive Error Specialist-Super MarioJr. Blog Tech Solutions). I got the best team in the world and they are irreplaceable.

I would like to thank everyone for supporting and encouraging me to continue making this blog possible. And, because of you, this blog has extended to another blog just for tech support questions and answers. I will still be running at the next blog but a lot the posts will be made by Morgan.

Once again, I would like to thank all of you. Because without you, there wouldn’t be Super MarioJr. Blog.




Name: Morgan Figueiredo

Gamer: Hardcore retro

Favourite console: Nintendo Entertainment System

Favorite game: Tetris, Super Mario Bros.

Position: Tech Support Administrator



Hello, I am Morgan Figueiredo. I am a long time gamer, and prefer older gaming. My favourite system being the NES. And the runner up is the N64. My favourite game is Super Mario Brothers for the NES.

I am also a Mac person, although also respect Windows and Linux. My main computer is a 9 year old Pentium 4.

Lately I have been into playing First Person Shooters (FPS), such as Halo, Call of Duty and Far Cry.

I will be happy to be of assistance for the blog as the tech support administrator, and am a huge Hardware hacker, and know most video game systems inside and out.

L8terz. Morgan.




Name: Cad Morley

Gamer: Medicore-based retro

Favorite console: Nintendo 64

Favorite game: Super Mario 64

Position: Executive Error Specialist-Super MarioJr. Blog


Hello. I'm Cad Morley and I'm one of the people helping Junior with his informative site. I am the Main Executive Error Specialist for the Super Mario Jr. Blog side and plan to carry out my duty professionally with Samuel.

Some little tid bits about me are that I enjoyed playing Nintendo 64 as a little kinder which resulted in my favourite game being Super Mario 64. I personally love shooting, stealth, and strategic genres of video games.

I haven't been so much in the video game scene lately being all tied up in schoolwork but usually Junior suggests fantastic games to try. He will be happy to respond to comments and answer any questions.

In conclusion browse around and give the site a chance, I'm sure you'll find something of interests!

- Cad :)



Name: Samuel Riley

Gamer: Casual

Favorite console: Nintendo DS

Favorite game: Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games

Position: Executive Error Specialist-Super MarioJr. Blog Tech Support


Hi. My name is Samuel Riley and I am working with my bro, Junior Riley. I am the Executive Error Specialist for Super MarioJr. Blog Tech Solutions.

I have been into video games since I was young. My first Nintendo console was the Game Boy Advance. After that I feel in love for Nintendo. I bought a lot of games for that system and I still play the games even though I beat them all.

My favourite console would be the Nintendo DS and my favourite game is Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games. The reason is because I believe that the Nintendo DS improves on the original DS. It’s lighter, brighter, and longer than the original Nintendo DS.

I like a game that has athletic characterises-and Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games meets those characterises. It has everything: challenging sports, legendary characters, single- and multi-card multiplayer, online leader boards... it’s all here.

I believe that you will love what my brother set up for you. I believe that Super MarioJr. Blog is very useful for all of your Nintendo needs.

-- Samuel


So, as you can see, this is our team. As you can also see, we come from different gaming backgrounds and original background. But all of us have something in common: our dominant gaming company of choice is Nintendo.

With the Tech Solutions blog… this blog, as of now, will now be in full force. This tech support blog will be used for… well… tech support!

You can ask questions about your Wii-related problems, your Nintendo DS issues, and even your retro gaming-related questions. If you want to ask a question, just add a comment under this blog post or on a blog post in the tech support blog (as long as it is relevant… for example, if there is a blog post about syncing your Wii Remote and the solutions we have put up don’t work, then you just type in your problem there.

Well, Morgan, Cad, Samuel, and I are really excited to start so start reading and let the new era of Super MarioJr. Blog begin!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Nintendo announces Metroid Prime Trilogy

Metroid Prime Trilogy

Today, Nintendo has just announced the latest (…ok it’s not really the latest) edition of the Metroid Prime series: Metroid Prime Trilogy!

Metroid Prime Trilogy is basically New Play Control! Metroid Prime, New Play Control! Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption all in one disc.

The New Play Control! Metroid Prime for Nintendo GameCube and New Play Control! Metroid Prime 2: Echoes also for Nintendo GameCube will be the exact same as the originals expect that it has the added ability to use your Wii Remote and Nunchuck, and the ability to play on a widescreen display and 480p. This fantastic new disc comes at a affordable price: $49.99.


If you want to see the website, then here’s the link: http://www.metroid.com/primetrilogy/. There really nothing… there.


If you want more information about Nintendo announcement, click here.


…Oh! And, one more thing… remember the news that Obama has a Wii in the White House? Now do you remember when a British newspaper said that the Queen played with a Wii?



Her Majesty the Queen owns a Wii now… the one that you are seeing right above it. It’s a royal Wii! And it’s certified by Nintendo of Europe! Boy, I wish I had one like that.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Super MarioJr. Blog Tech Solutions is launched!


I know I haven’t announced it but I wanted to show you guys in surprise… the new Super MarioJr. Blog Tech Solutions blog!


Super MarioJr Blog logo-Super MarioJr Blog Tech Solutions

It’s under construction but it will get better in a few days.


This blog is for all of your questions about your problems concerning your Nintendo products. You can ask questions such as:

  • What happens if my Wii Remote is un-synced to my Wii?
  • How do I connect to the internet with my Wii?
  • How do I download Nintendo DS demos from my Wii to my Nintendo DS/DS lite/DSi?
  • How do I use multi-player mode?
  • How do I keep my GameCube controller from sticking?
  • and many more!


Oh! And, one other person will be helping me run the tech support blog. Who? Well, you will just have to wait and see. I will make another post of who it is and they will give out a special introduction to you guys.


Other then that, I am really excited to open up the tech support blog. It will give me a chance to help all people from kids to adults about their Nintendo related problems. But not only will I help you with your problems but it will also help me learn more about the problems on these Nintendo products so I can fix them myself and have a better understanding of your problem. That way you don’t have to call or e-mail Nintendo Costumer Service every time you have a problem.


Well, bye for now and please continue enjoying Super MarioJr. Blog.

2 WiiWare, 1 Virtual Console, and 1 DSiWare available for download: April 18, 2009

Super MarioJr Blog-Nintendo Shop Update

Today is a special day for “Nintendo Shop Update!” Why? Because today marks the 300 Virtual Console title to ever be available for download on the Wii Shop Channel!! Yay! This Virtual Console title is the highly-anticipated “The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.” This N64 game is one of my all-time favourite Nintendo 64 game and I can’t wait to download it!… once I get some more Wii Points.

With that we also have 2 WiiWare games and 1 DSiWare game.

For WiiWare

For Virtual Console

For DSiWare

Saturday, May 16, 2009

NPD Results – April 2009

Super MarioJr Blog-Lastest NPD Results

Here are the NPD Data results… and the numbers are crazy! The Nintendo DS lite/Nintendo DSi tag team destroys its rivals while the Wii is not that far from its rivals. Also, the Xbox 360, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, and PSP comes in there respectful places.



Nintendo DS series: 1,040,000

Wii: 340,000

Xbox 360: 175,000

Playstation 2: 172,000

Playstation 3: 127,000

PSP: 116,000


On the software side, Nintendo eats the top 10 with 6 games for Nintendo’s console (3 for the Wii and 3 for the DS). The Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 have 2 each.



  1. Wii Fit – Wii: 471,000
  2. Pokémon Platinum РNintendo DS: 433,000
  3. Mario Kart Wii – Wii: 210,000
  4. Wii Play – Wii: 170,000
  5. The Godfather II – Xbox 360: 155,000
  6. Resident Evil 5 – Xbox 360: 122,000
  7. New Super Mario Bros. – Nintendo DS: 119,000
  8. Mario Kart DS – Nintendo DS: 112,000
  9. Guitar Hero: Aerosmith – Playstation 3: 110,000
  10. The Godfather II – Playstation 3: 91,000

My thoughts:

Like I said, these numbers are crazy. Although the gaming industry fell by at least 5% in March, the Nintendo DSi basically killed the rest of the home/portable consoles. In terms of the Wii though, the rest of the consoles are showing signs of catching up (well… at least the PS3 and PSP). In Japan, the PSP and the PS3 have been beating both the Wii and DSi with 1st and 3rd place respectfully. However, this week, the DSi and Wii over took those places. This PSP-PS3 tag team overtake lasted for a few months but now has been stopped. However, it may restart… but on second thought… my predictions were that the Wii would prevail later this year… maybe after E3?