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Monday, February 23, 2009

Commodore 64 comes to Virtual Console in North America! …Also, 1 WiiWare and 3 Virtual Console

It’s finally here! After months of waiting, the Commodore 64 is here in the North American Virtual Console!

Many of you don’t know what the Commodore 64 is… so I’ll just give you a couple of sentences of what it is.

The C64 was a 8-bit home computer that was built in 1982. It is the fastest-selling personal computer of all time—outselling Apple computers IBM PC clones, and Atari computers. This game console is very popular. So popular that Nintendo of Europe had already released it before anyone else.

Now YOU, North Americans, can truly experience the Commodore 64 (without the use of emulators)! It is now on the NA Virtual Console. There are 3 to choose from:

The Last Ninja

International Karate

Pitstop II

For WiiWare there is:


Sunday, February 22, 2009

DSi Videos

Here are some Nintendo DSi Videos from Japan, Europe, and North America.

Europian Nintendo DSi Video

North American Nintendo DSi Video

Japanese Nintendo DSi Video (Please note that this video is entirely in japanese so you might not understand this unless you know how to to read, speak and write in japanese).

Also, I would like to make an announcement.

  • On April/May 2009, I will be making a video of the Nintendo DSi’s unboxing.
  • The Canadian price for the DSi is $199.95 CAN. That will be a problem for people who don’t have the money. I however will get the money (price and tax) before the release date which is April 5.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nintendo DSi North American Launch Date Revealed

After 3 months of waiting, Nintendo has finally made an announcement on Wednesday that the Nintendo DSi will be launched on... wait for it...

Sunday, April 5, 2009!!!


This handheld console will be the third integration to the Nintendo DS family. It will have two cameras: one on the hinge and one on the front. The cameras will be used to manipulate pictures and edit pictures. You also have the option of sending pictures wirelessly via local wireless. You can watch your pictures in a slide show. You can even use your Nintendo DSi as a digital photo frame. You can also sync your photos to your Wii and look at your photos there and send those pictures to your Wii Friends using WiiConnent24. The DSi can also manipulate and play music. It can also record your own voice. The Nintendo DSi Shop lets you download games and applications to your DSi. You can buy these things using Nintendo Points.

The Nintendo DSi is 12% thicker than the Nintendo DS lite, thanks to the removal of the Game Boy Advance slot. It also has improved speakers, bigger screens, and an SD Card slot.

Like I said, the launch date for Canada and America is on April 5, 2009. The MSRP will be at $169.99 in the US.

Now Canada, however, may have a problem with the pricing. And, since Sony released the PSP at $169.99 US and $199.99 CAN, Nintendo might do the exact same thing. This will be a problem for me since I live in Canada. So this is something that we will have to see.

Also, I would like to make an announcements.

  • I will start to launch Nintendo DS demos between April/May 2009.
  • The Nintendo DSi countdown will start at February 25, 2009
  • I will start the gameplay videos on Fall/Winter 2009

One more thing. I apologize to the people who wanted to see the NPD Data for 2008 and January 2009. Because of the date I might not post the NPD Data for 2008. I will however, post the January 2009 NPD Data at the same time as the February 2009 NPD Data. Thank you.