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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Nintendo! (And Super MarioJr. Blog!)

Super MarioJr Blog logo-Happy Birthday Nintendo (and Super MarioJr Blog)

Has it been one year already? Oh my gosh! It has! And I have done so much in one year!


And let’s not forget the even BETTER reason why I am writing this post to you today… you’ve guessed it! Today is Nintendo’s 120th anniversary!


Now some of you might be saying “What? Nintendo has been in this world for that long? But video gaming started around the 1970s!” Yes, video gaming did start around the 1970s but Nintendo was still alive and kicking way before then.


I will make a brief summary of Nintendo’s life in tribute to Nintendo. If you want a full summary, click here.

Nintendo (called Nintendo Koppai) founded in 1889 in Japan by Fusajiro Yamauchi. Nintendo, originally was a card company. They made something called “Hanafuda Cards” (even till this day, Nintendo still makes these hanafuda cards. They are special cards made for Club Nintendo members who currently have 800 coins. To learn more, click here.


These card were successful to the point were they eventually made mass-produced cards instead of hand-made cards. Nintendo Koppai became a larger company and developed a limited partnership with the United States Playing Card Company in 1956.


Between the years of 1963 and 1968, Nintendo (Nintendo Company, Limited at that time) attempted to go to businesses such as the “Love Hotel” and as a Taxi company, but failed at all of them.


Then they came into the toy business, which came successful to the point that they decided to go to the video gaming business. Nintendo then released the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) on 1981. That, plus the Game Boy became successful to the point where the video game clash of 1982 ceased to exist.


Console after console, Nintendo became more popular and their hardware was recognized by their unique features: The SNES for its 16-bit graphics, the Game Boy Color for being the first portable to have color without assistance, the Nintendo 64 for the first Nintendo console with out assistance of a game card, the GameCube as the fastest-selling console of the console-line, the Game Boy Advance for the sharp 2-D graphics, and now, the Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi, and Wii, for the touch-screen, downloadable content, and motion control respectfully.


Yes, they had a great 120 years. And hopefully we will have that same great quality that Nintendo always given us for the next 120 years and beyond.


Happy Birthday, Nintendo, and enjoy your 120 anniversary!!!

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