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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wii System Update: 4.1

Wii Update

An update from Nintendo has arrived. Version 4.1. This is a small update that fixes some changes for better system performance. The changes are:

Accessory Updates:

  • A bug has been fixed so that you are not forced to watch the “how to use MotionPlus” tutorial when you open a Wii Channel, WiiWare game, or Virtual Console title via SD Card Menu.

Despite the fact that Nintendo has said that any unauthorized materials will be removed, the system update actually leaves the homebrew software alone. However, please note that if you have any homebrew materials installed, you may not be able to access the Wii Options menu and eventually you may not be able to access your Wii at all.

I advise you to either avoid 4.1 until the homebrew community can find a work around (this applies if you have the homebrew channel installed or you wish to install the homebrew channel) or do not install the homebrew channel.

Estimated time: 23 sec. (If you have System Update 4.0), (depends on your internet connection).

To learn more about Wii System Update 4.1, go to:



Wii System Update: Ver. 4.1

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