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Monday, June 22, 2009

Rockstar Games announces Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars for (not for Nintendo DS because has already been released for it)… PSP. Disappointing.

Well… this is disappointing.


Rockstar Games, maker of the popular Grand Theft Auto series, has announced something very exciting… for the biased Sony fanboys. It appears that Rockstar Leeds and Rockstar North will be developing and publishing Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars… for the PSP. Aren’t you happy Sony fanboys? Are ya? ARE YA!


What’s worst is that it will also be available on the PSP Go! and these Sony fanboys will… and I REALLY mean this in a bad way… SUPPORT the PSP version of the game all the way. As in force those little heads and minds of 14-45 year olds to buy it and try to buy enough copies for this game to get to the top 10. And, of course, since downloads are very popular on any console… it will.


Now, I am not saying that the PSP sucks and I am not trying to be biased about anything. It’s just that I hate fanboys in general. But the people that I hate the most… Sony fanboys. Microsoft fanboys are bad enough… and I am disappointed that there are some Nintendo fanboys as well. But Sony fanboys are the worst! Just because there systems are more powerful, they will turn you down if you like something other than Playstaion.


They will continue will this torture until you are forced to go against everything you believe in and turn to Playstation and even THEN you will still be put down. And, before you know it, you will become a Sony fanboy as well: playing Playstation consoles, using Sony Essicon cell phones instead of Motorolas or iPhones, using Sony Vaio laptops, even downloading songs from the Sony BMG store instead of retail or iTunes (which you should know that iTunes is better then BMG).


But anyway, the only difference is that it will have a widescreen view, updated graphics (although it will still have the overview arcade view feel to in instead of the modern third-person view), and all new missions. I bet they will be putting in something like a 32-player online play and 16-play local wireless play… oh and it will be meant to be together with PSP Go!.


Some company they are.

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