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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

BIG line-up of titles for Wii, WiiWare, Nintendo DS, and DSiWare.

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Well, the Nintendo E3 Conference is finally over… and boy, it was a crazy one… the best Nintendo conference yet! You can watch it on Nintendo’s official website for all things Nintendo @ E3: http://e3.nintendo.com/index.html

I will give you the summary later… but what’s more important is the sole reason for E3’s existence: the games! There are a lot… and I mean… A LOT of games that are coming out for Wii, WiiWare, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo DSiWare. Some are old classics, some are sequels to popular franchises, and some are just down-right weird… but all of those games are great.

I will make the links of 6 games announced today (based off of Nintendo’s E3 website).

For Wii and WiiWare we have…

For Nintendo DS and DSiWare, we have…

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