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Monday, June 1, 2009

E3 2009 is finally here!

Super MarioJr Blog-E3-

Well E3 is finally here!… well, everyone in Los Angelus is sleeping right now (at the time of publishing this post).  You’ve, watched E3 ‘08, you’ve waited for almost a year, and now you’ve finally waited for this moment: E3!


Super MarioJr Blog-E3-What is E3

Now all of the game reviewers (like me) have been taking about E3 for the last few months and now you may or may not be wondering, “What is E3?” Well, I’m here to give you a brief introduction of what E3 is.


E3 is basically the largest and most important gaming convention in the entire gaming industry. It attracts more than 70,000 people a year and this year will be the largest ever.


E3 stands for: Electronic Entertainment Expo. It started on in 1995. And now, it has become the largest gaming convention in gaming history. It is the convention where Nintendo unveiled the Wii, where Sony announced the PS3, and where Microsoft released a teaser trailer of Halo 3.


Super MarioJr Blog-E3-List of E3 Conferences

Now to tell you when the E3 conferences will be. I will tell you the date and time that all 5 companies will be hold their conferences.


But although I am giving you the conferences dates and times right now, I will only give out a schedule for just Nintendo’s E3 conference.


Super MarioJr Blog-E3-dates of E3 Conferences

Well, here is the E3 Conference list. Remember, all of my posts that are titled “E3 2009” are the posts that you want to go to at E3 week. And all of the major announcements and updates that were announced at E3 will also be titled “E3 2009”. Happy E3 week!

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