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Friday, October 10, 2008

What Super MarioJr. Blog is about

Super MarioJr. Blog is a blog that talks all about Nintendo. My posts include:

  • Information about Nintendo-published games.

  • Announcements about Nintendo.

  • Nintendo's issues. eg: lawsuits, sales, etc.

  • and much more!

I will make Nintendo-related videos. These include:

  • Demonstrations on Wii, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi, and other future products that Nintendo will be making.

  • Gameplay videos.

  • Nintendo DS demo reviews.

  • Solutions to your Nintendo problems (eg: software problems, how to re-sync the Wii Remote back to your Wii).

  • and much more!

And every year starting with this year I will make the following posts:

  • Nintendo E3 Media Press Conference

  • Nintendo's annual Fall Press Conference(s)

  • Special Conferences made by Nintendo

  • Any shows that Nintendo will go to (eg: Tokyo game show)

  • Monthly sales between Nintendo and its rivals (starting with September 2008 NPD Sales)

  • Annual yearly progress reports from Nintendo

  • and, of course... much more!

I will also allow you to ask questions to me about Nintendo (eg: how to connect your Wii to the Internet, how to sync photos in your DSi's photo software to the Wii Photo Channel, etc.) To ask a question, just put a comment on this post. You can also ask questions on the other posts... but they have to have to be relevant to the that post (eg: if you want to ask a question in "The History of Nintendo" post, that question has to be about the history of Nintendo).

But remember, I do not own Nintendo so I don't know anything. Look at me as... a final resource before you e-mail Nintendo's Costumer Service.

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Well, that is about it. Thank you for reading and I hope that you have an enjoy your visit here.

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