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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nintendo preparing to released a new Nintendo DS?


Well, it's a very interesting week today as a Japanese newspaper called "Nikkei" said that Nintendo will release a new Nintendo DS.

They said that it will include a camera, MP3 capabilities, advanced Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, and larger screens.

Well, this seems like a "miracle" for Nintendo gamers until I tell you this: http://news.portalit.net/fullnews_nintendo-denies-new-ds-rumors_1617.html

Nintendo is denying that rumor. This is Nintendo's responds...

"Nintendo has made no such announcement and will not comment on rumor and speculation."

Well now, this is kinda harsh don't you think?

But that doesn't mean that Nintendo said no. It just means that maybe there not goina give us the truth.

Of course, I don't believe that Nintendo will make such a console because Nintendo is dedicated to gaming. However, I won't be surprised if Nintendo did make a Nintendo console that has the ability for picture taking and music.

One reason is the Game Boy Camera. Another would be the Nintendo MP3 Player.

And there are more.

But one thing is for sure, well will find out what Nintendo has in store next tomorrow at there press conference. And we will find out there "new products" which might be:

  • A new DS

  • A new home console

  • The Wii "storage system"

The storage system most likely will be there... but what about the new consoles? Well, I will give you the full coverage of all of the specs in the conference from the sales to the new games and products... and we should see a lot of games and products (Nintendo of Europe announced more then 50 Wii and DS games combined for released for 2008 alone!)

On October 2nd, don't forget to watch the press conference because on October 2nd, the entire planet will turn there attention to Nintendo.

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