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Monday, May 18, 2009

Super MarioJr. Blog Tech Solutions is launched!


I know I haven’t announced it but I wanted to show you guys in surprise… the new Super MarioJr. Blog Tech Solutions blog!


Super MarioJr Blog logo-Super MarioJr Blog Tech Solutions

It’s under construction but it will get better in a few days.


This blog is for all of your questions about your problems concerning your Nintendo products. You can ask questions such as:

  • What happens if my Wii Remote is un-synced to my Wii?
  • How do I connect to the internet with my Wii?
  • How do I download Nintendo DS demos from my Wii to my Nintendo DS/DS lite/DSi?
  • How do I use multi-player mode?
  • How do I keep my GameCube controller from sticking?
  • and many more!


Oh! And, one other person will be helping me run the tech support blog. Who? Well, you will just have to wait and see. I will make another post of who it is and they will give out a special introduction to you guys.


Other then that, I am really excited to open up the tech support blog. It will give me a chance to help all people from kids to adults about their Nintendo related problems. But not only will I help you with your problems but it will also help me learn more about the problems on these Nintendo products so I can fix them myself and have a better understanding of your problem. That way you don’t have to call or e-mail Nintendo Costumer Service every time you have a problem.


Well, bye for now and please continue enjoying Super MarioJr. Blog.

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