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Monday, April 6, 2009

1 WiiWare, 1 Virtual Console, and 6 DSiWare available for download: April 6, 2009

Super MarioJr Blog-Nintendo Shop Update

Welcome everyone to the first edition of “Nintendo Shop Update!”

This week will have a large line-up… just for the Nintendo DSi! This week, we have 6 DSiWare games/apps, 1 WiiWare game, and 1 Virtual Console.


For Virtual Console

For WiiWare

For DSiWare


Shafin said...

So Mr. Junior Riley how are you enjoying the new DSI? has it lived up to all of your expectations?

Junior117 said...

lf you want to hear my impressions of the Nintendo DSi, I will post a unboxing video and a blog post including the differences of between the DS lite and DSi and impressions of the systems.

Shafin said...

make sure you add in your own personal opinion on the matter!

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